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CSCI 0220

Discrete Structures and Probability

CSCI 0220 meets Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 1:00 - 1:50 pm.

I don't know about you, but we're feeling 22! This class gives you the tools to explore interesting questions and convince yourself and others of their answers. You'll be introduced to new worlds of ideas and ways of thinking. We'll learn about Set Theory, Logic, Number Theory, Combinatorics, Graph Theory, and Probability. If these topics sound unfamiliar, not to fear: you're in exactly the right place! This course assumes no prior experience with these topics.

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Homework TeX Released Due Solutions
HW0 - May 13 May 17 -
HW1 HW1 TeX May 18 May 24 HW1 Solutions
HW2 HW2 TeX May 25 May 31 HW2 Solutions
HW3 HW3 TeX June 1 June 7 HW3 Solutions
HW4 HW4 TeX June 8 June 14 HW4 Solutions
HW5 HW5 TeX June 15 June 21 HW5 Solutions
Review Questions Review TeX June 24 - Review Solutions
Midterm Midterm TeX June 28 at 12:01am June 29 at 11:59pm Midterm Solutions
HW6 HW6 TeX June 30 July 6 HW6 Solutions
HW7 HW7 TeX July 6 July 12 HW7 Solutions
HW8 HW8 TeX July 13 July 19 HW8 Solutions
HW9 HW9 TeX July 20 July 26 -
HW10 - July 27 August 2 -
Final - August 9 August 10 -


Name Released Solution
Rec1 .pdf, .tex May 20 .pdf, .tex
Rec2 .pdf, .tex May 27 .pdf, .tex
Rec3 .pdf, .tex June 3 .pdf, .tex
Rec4 .pdf, .tex June 10 .pdf, .tex
Rec5 .pdf, .tex June 17 .pdf, .tex
Midterm Review (Optional) .pdf, .tex June 24 .pdf, .tex
Rec6 .pdf, .tex July 1 .pdf, .tex
Rec7 .pdf, .tex July 8 .pdf, .tex
Rec8 .pdf, .tex July 15 .pdf, .tex
Rec9 .pdf, .tex July 22 -
Rec10 July 29 -


Date Topic Recording
May 12 Course Intro Video
May 14 Statements, Proofs, and Contradiction Video
May 17 Propositional Logic Video
May 19 Predicate Logic, Normal Forms (CNF, DNF) Video
May 21 Intro to Circuits Video
May 24 Circuits for Computing Video
May 26 Intro to Set Theory Video
May 28 Set Equality & Quantification Video
May 31 NO CLASS - Memorial Weekend -
June 2 Relations Video
June 4 Binary Relations Video
June 7 Equivalence Relation and Bijection Examples Video
June 9 Induction Video
June 11 Induction Continued, Strong Induction Video
June 14 Intro to Number Theory Video
June 16 Division Algorithm, Euclidean Algorithm Video
June 18 Backtracking, Modular Arithmetic, Multiplicative Inverse Video
June 21 Multiplicative Inverse, Fermat's little Theorem Video
June 23 Euler's Phi Function Video
June 25 Message Passing, RSA Encryption Video
June 28 Midterm (No Class) -
June 30 Intro to Counting Video
July 2 Division Rule, Counting Subsets Video
July 5 NO CLASS - Independence Day Holiday -
July 7 Binomial Theorem, Inclusion/Exclusion Video
July 9 Pigeonhole Principle Video
July 12 Intro to Probability Video
July 14 Probability and Independence Video
July 16 Random Variables and Expectations Video
July 19 Conditional Expectation Video
July 21 Linearity of Expectation Video
July 23 Graph Theory Video
July 26 Trees Video
July 28 Counting Trees -
July 30 Random Walks on Graphs -
August 10 Final Exam -




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